CCK’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie


So I don’t Know if you guys know this, but one of my favorite bloggers is Chocolate Covered Katie. Seriously, I am obsessed with her blog. I check it about 100 10 times a day. Click here for the recipe. This is a step-by-step process of making it, in case any of you are in need of seeing it 🙂


Step 1: Put oats in a food processor. IMG_1340 Baking powderIMG_1342 Baking powderIMG_1343 Brown sugarIMG_1344 IMG_1347 Blend it all up!IMG_1348 Add in vanillaIMG_1349 ApplesauceIMG_1350 Chickpeas!IMG_1351 DrainIMG_1353 and rinse!IMG_1355 This is how it should lookIMG_1356 IMG_1357 chopped chocolate or chocolate chipsIMG_1358 Pour into a large bowlIMG_1359Stir in chocolate
IMG_1360 Pour into pansIMG_1362Enjoy! Top with ice cream, topped with caramel swirl froyo
IMG_1390 IMG_1395

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5 thoughts on “CCK’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

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